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ßeta — God's Grandparents & the univac index

by God's Grandparents & the univac index

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    Originally released on CDR in 1999.
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Daisy 05:20
Love & Aloha 05:50
fffChango 05:36
Lo-Bit Duel 04:48


This is my first (non-comp) CDR release, a co-release with Ovenguard Music (an Oakland, CA CDR label) and my own label AirSickBags Omnimedia/Noisa+, from 1999.

It features God's Grandparents (one of my solo projects) and the univac index which was me (univac) and Peter Washburn (index).

The music is a mix of studio and live recordings, with much circuit bent gadgetry, robot-proximity-controlled Aries 300 analog modular synth, mind-controlled drum machines, sampling, micro cassettes, a beat up Mac PowerBook, 8-bit video game sounds, and a Chinese synthesized voice language translator.

Track 1: Studio track featuring audio sliced and rearranged from RCA's great 1970 computer promo film "A Decade of Difference."

Track 2: Recorded live, Artist's Television Access' "OtherCinema" SF, 5/7/99

Track 3: My very first attempt at doing a digital multi-track "song," using ProTools on a PowerComputing Mac clone tower. It features samples from very early multilingual computer voice synthesis created by Bell Laboratories in 1961. Features guest noodling by Index.

Track 4: Recorded live on the "Omnimedia NW" tour, Seattle, WA, 10/17/98.

Track 5: Features a collaboration with The Bran Flakes and Steev Hise, recorded live in Seattle, WA at the "Omnimedia NW" tour, 10/17/98.

Track 6: The live soundtrack for a real-time mechanical puppet video performance by Bulk Foodveyor (Phil Bonner) at the, Aritst's Television Workshop, Oakland, CA, 4/10/99.

Track 7: Peter and my homage to Devo's Chango.

Track 8: Live, ATW Oakland, 4/10/99.

Track 9: From "Omnimedia vs BOLT, Omni-Micro: Lo-Bit Dueling Consoles," a late 1999 show at SF Blasthaus featuring several Omnimedia artists who were assigned 8-bit audio from classic video games that they were to use in their performances. Ours was "Defender."
More info here:

Track 10 is the very sad sound of my Mac crashing with a hardware error.
So sad.

Album cover was modified from a 1956 Remington Rand UNIVAC ad: "Sylvania & Univac."

Enjoy under headphones on a cold night.

Here are the original liner notes:

The ß[eta] CD : God's Grandparents / The Univac Index

The Univac Index are:
univac: Purveyor of trickle-down technology and irritator of cochlea.
Index: High-Epopt of electronix and twiddler of electroluminescent knobs.
They can be found destroying and modifying ancient technology at odd hours of the night.

God's Grandparents consists of Prof. Werner V. Slack and may include a random transient cast of thousands. He can also be reached at [old email address] if any of this stuff moves you in the psychogastrointestinal region.

We take no responsibility for the destruction of your misconceptions due to the operation of this musical product.

Technology used in the creation of this audio massacre:

Index: Aries System 300 Modular Synth, Zoom 9030 multieffect, Korg Pandora PX1, Synare3 PS-3 SynthDrum, The Ass-Pumpin' Rhythm Drum, Roland PD-5 Drum, Casio SK-1, Stereo FM transmitter, Sony WM-F41 Walkman, DOD DFX9 Delay, Master Violet Ray No. 9, Proximity Measurement Device, & Two Loving Robots.

Univac, God's Grandparents: AutoGen-70 Feedback Encephalograph biofeedback unit, Alesis HR-16B, Tama DS200 Drum Synthesizer, Simmons SDS 800 electronic drum controller, Sequential Circuits Drumtraks, The Vibratron, Superior Electric Co. Powerstat rheostat, Roland SpaceEcho, 1940's spring-palmed vibrator, MXR ten-band graphicEQ, Alesis MicroVerbII, ElectroHarmonix SuperReplay 4-second digital sampler, PowerBook 540, Madness & Insanity, holey CDs, Yamaha 1602, Vectrex, Fez, Gerard Turntable, Record-A-Go-Go Ice Cream Truck, Boom-Chaka, Roland Sample/Delay, PowerComputing PowerTower 210, ProTools, HyperPrism, MetaSynth, SoundEdit16, MacMAME, Phillips Omniwriter CD Burner, & tiny bits of chromium dioxide.

Support Trickle-Down Technology!!

www.ovenguard.com (deprecated)



released December 15, 1999

God's Grandparents, the univac index, The Bran Flakes




univac California

Consummate TechDweeb, visual artist and NovaTone “musician,” univac continuously re-purposes the detritus of trickle-down technology toys and off-the-shelf electronics in order to create circuit-bent audioVisual hybrids—causing the engineers of the original items to shudder in disbelief.

Some of univac's other projects are: God's Grandparents, the univac index and Omnimedia.
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